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Online Applications

Complete your New Account or Loan Application anywhere!


Access account information anywhere, anytime with SHAZAM BOLT$

SHAZAM BOLT$ can immediately alert you to potentially fraudulent activity for:

  • A debit purchase for more than an amount you specify
  • Any card-not-present debit transaction (i.e., phone, internet, mail)
  • Any suspicious or high-risk transaction that occurs on your account

The newest feature is transaction control. With the quick tap of a button you’ll be able to block or unblock your card, without affecting previous transactions, if your card is stolen, goes missing or you just want to pause it while traveling. This feature not only provides you peace of mind, but also saves you the hassle associated with losing a card. Simply block your card until you find it, then unblock it for instant use. Users can also set up transaction level blocks for...

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Cybersecurity and Older Americans

Please click on the PDF file to read this information


Mobile Deposit Capture is Here!

Take your banking on the go with Bank of Dade’s Mobile Banking App with Mobile Deposit Capture for your smart phone.

What is Bank of Dade Mobile Deposit Capture?

Mobile Deposit Capture allows you to use your smart phone to take a picture of a check and deposit it into one of your accounts that are linked to your Internet Banking.



On September 25, 2017, Bank of Dade will be changing to a new debit card program that offers you great new benefits! Please read more below.

  • Your new debit card will arrive in mid-September
  • You’ll be sent a new card and PIN in mid-September. You’ll also be sent instructions on how to update your PIN and activate your card. If you don’t receive your new card by Thursday, Sept. 21, please call us at...